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    In this page you will find the weekly weather for Manassas, you will learn more about the different types of storms that hit Northern Virginia area, you wil find photos of damages casued by storms that we took, some information regarding the storms that we have recorded

Manassas Weather

Types of storms

There are different types of storms that can cause different types of damages to your home. Here you can learn a little bit about each and what damages you could expect from these storms.

Hail Storm

This tyoe of storm is common type of storm that can cause severe damages to the exterior of your property and eventually the interior of your property.
In a hail storm hail has a diameter of 5 millimeters or more, a hail storm can cause severe damages to your property. Asphalt shingles on a roof looks like a dark spot, or a bruise, when that occur the shingles loses away granules which eventually worsen by exposure to wheatear and eventually causes water leaks.

Other areas that could be damaged by hail aren’t limited just to roofs, you can find damage gutters, siding, windows, fascia, garage doors, and more…

Wind Storm

Depending on the speed of the wind the damages to your property could be greater than expected.
Windstorms could often bring great amounts of water and debris witch could damage your property. Wind can blowing off shingles and pieces of siding whcih eventually if not fixed immediatelly it coul become more than just a few piees of shingles or siding blown off.


Thunderstorms can carry hail & wind, hails diameter is usually between ¾” (three-fourths of an inch) in diameter and 4” (four inches) in diameter –there’s been 7.87 inch diameter hail in South Dakota-.

Thunderstorms are most common on spring and summer but thunderstorms occur all year long and sometimes it comes with a snowstorm.

Heavy Snow Blizzards

Blizzards are massive storm with strong winds, temperatures slightly below freezing, and large amount of snow. This type of storm can be dangerous.
This types of storms could cause snow to freeze on your roof and depending on how your rooof was installed, it could cause water leaks. Water pipes could burst by freezing, and more...

Photographs Of Damages Caused By A Hail Storm

Middleburg | 2016 Storm

    Holes on the roof made by hail     Hail pieces on the roof

    Hai ding pointed by finger    Damaged car by hail stomr, brocken window

    Big hole on roof, pointed by 3 fingers    Golf size hail marks

    Destroyed window & window shutters


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