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    Welcome to NVB Contracting LLC

    We are here to help you restore your property to its original shape or better while you save money and get the best value for what you pay for.

    How we can help you

    Insurance related jobs or paying out of pocket (Retail)?

    We are here to help you with our experience and professionalism by inspecting your property for damages, taking photos & recording any damages we find, analyzing the damages found, if it is insurance related, we will guide you step by step to help you get approved by your insurance, if not insurance related or paying out of pocket, we can offer you financing.

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    latest photo droping shingles
    On the roof
    setting shingle bundles on the roof
    Allide deliveirng shingles
    Latest News
    Halloween Raffle

    NVB Contrating is going to give away free tickets to have fun at Cox Farm!

    Help NVB's hero to get a new name and get a free shirt!
    Superhero Looking for a name

    Our super hero is here, but it needs a name!

    He can see what others can't when inspecting for property damages, and carries his hammer of justice, and reaches roofs that no one can reach.

    NVB Contracting is looking for a cool name for this hero, help him have a name of his own.

    Help NVB's hero to get a new name and get a free shirt!
    New Office

    It is oficial, NVB Contracting, LLC. Opens a new Office to the public located at:

    10432 Ball Ford Road. Suite 301

    Manassa, VA 20109

    Building Aereal View
    The Office is open to the public from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday
    Who We Are?
    We are a family owened business with high values, dedicated to serve the Northern Virginia providing high quality service and products to protect your property.

    Our Virginia License is: 2705149122 Class A Contractor

    Our Maryland License is: 131522

    Meet Our Team
    Eric Bradley | Photo
    Eric Bradley

    Project Manager

    e-mail: Eric

    Brandle Golladay | Photo
    Brandle Golladay

    Sales Manager

    e-mail: Brandle

    Moises Garcia Rojas | Photo
    Moises Garcia Rojas

    IT/Marketing Director

    e-mail: Webmaster

    Sam Rowles | Photo
    Sams Rowles


    e-mail: Sam

    Charlie Pizzola | Photo
    Charlie Pizzola


    e-mail: Charlie

    Mike Spence | Photo
    Mike Spence


    e-mail: Mike

    Technologies Used
    Products & Suppliers
    GAF | Logo
    GAF, since 1986, has become the largest commercial & residential manufacturer in teh US.
    TAMKO | Logo
    Since 1944, has provided quality building products for the professionals.
    Owens Corning | Logo
    Since 1938, Based on Toledo, Ohio.
    CertainTeed | Logo
    Since 1904, started as a general roofing manufacturer.


    Missing shingles, leaky roof, or perhaps you roof looks in bad shape? Don’t worry, we are here to give your roof new a new life. We are professionals certified roof inspectors and installers ready at your service.

    Damaged shingles are hard to spot from the ground!
    We are certified inspectors ready to help you!
    Let's make your roof beautiful and strong!
    Trust only professinals when it comes to your roof replacement!


    Professional Siding installers is what you are looking for at affordable prices, then don’t look any further, we have affordable prices and financing to cover your needs.


    Dented, clogged, or severely damaged gutters? It will be a pleasure to help, we’ll inspect your gutters and determine what will be the best way to go about the repairs. If you are looking to have gutter guards installed we can help you as well to install new gutter guards.


    Are you looking to save on your energy bills? Well windows are one very important way to save, contact our agents to set up an appointment.



    Sunlight Tunnels

    Do you need more light inside your home but don’t want power savings? Well we got just what you might be looking for! Ask for our sun-light-tunnels, we can install them fast, easy, and at the right price. Sun-light-tunnels illuminates your home with natural sun light while you save money, don’t be shy with asking our project managers, they will answer all your questions and evaluate the right what could be the best options for you and your family.










    Halloween Free Tickets

      Halloween is around the corner, and we are going to raffle two sets of four tickets for our beloved customers to go and have fun at Cox Farms at their Fields of Fear, the tickets are free of charge, however as this is a raffle we decided to make it fun.

      The participants will have to dress for Halloween with their family or group of friends, take a selfie, post it on Facebook, tag us, and share the photo with their friends, then on October 22, 2015 we will pick the best costume and we will announce on October 23, 2015 the winners.

      Why did we decided to give tickets for Cox Farm? Because Cox Farm is a local business like us, and we believe in supporting our local business and community. We believe fun is not about some big fancy corporate attraction, but ratter on a local traditional family oriented business attraction.


    Author: Moises G.R.
    NVB Contracting Super-hero

    We are very excited, we are creating our own superhero with super-cool powers, however we have run into the hardest part, we do not know how to name this little guy.

    Our little superhero has cool powers to help homeowners, he has the eyesight of an eagle, reaches the highest roofs flying to them, and carries his blue-justice-hammer.

    We have reached via Facebook to our fans seeking for some help to give a name to our superhero, we even offered a free shirt with their name printed in the back and our superhero printed in the front.

    We do not know if we ever going to find any cool name for our little superhero, but one things is for sure, this is going to be a cool side project for NVB Contracting LLC that we hope everyone enjoys it and has fun with it.

    Author: Moises G.R.

    Types Of Storm

    Lear about different types of storms to better understand what it could cause each storm.

    Hail Storm

    In a hail storm hail has a diameter of 5 millimeters or more, a hail storm can cause severe damages to your property. Asphalt shingles on a roof looks like a dark spot, or a bruise, when that occur the shingles loses away granules which eventually worsen by exposure to wheatear and eventually causes water leaks.

    Other areas that could be damaged by hail aren’t limited just to roofs, you can find damage gutters, siding, windows, fascia, garage doors, and more…

    Wind Storm

    Windstorms could often bring great amounts of water and debris witch could damage your property by blowing off shingles and pieces of siding.


    Thunderstorms can carry hail & wind, hails diameter is usually between ¾” (three-fourths of an inch) in diameter and 4” (four inches) in diameter –there’s been 7.87 inch diameter hail in South Dakota-.

    Thunderstorms are most common on spring and summer but thunderstorms occur all year long and sometimes it comes with a snowstorm.

    Heavy Snow Blizzards

    Blizzards are massive storm with strong winds, temperatures slightly below freezing, and large amount of snow. This type of storm can be dangerous.

    Every year storms hit our homes leaving several damages that sometimes are silent and can’t be detected without the proper inspection. Our HAAG certified inspectors will inspect your property and record any damages on the property to help you & your insurance restore your property to its best.

    Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Sun Tunnels, Drywall, Painting, Floors, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Remodeling, Decks, Power Washing, Storm Restoration Services, Insurance Related, Retail, Finance Available, Emergency Services, and all the knowledge & expertise you’ll need from our staff to handle your storm claim or your remodeling projects.

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